Thursday, December 15, 2011

UK War Medalist Charged with Biometrics-Related War Crimes

UK War medalist charged with "Mutilation" for collecting battlefield biometrics the really hard way (PressTV)
The 25-year-old lieutenant, a lower-ranked soldier, and a captain are charged with cutting the fingers of a Taliban member who was killed in an Apache chopper air strike in the Afghan province of Helmand.

The Director of Service Prosecutions is investigating the case.

The three apparently ruthlessly severed the fingers of the dead Taliban fighter for finger printing after they failed to do so with a biometric camera allegedly under sustained hostile fire.

The three have claimed their action should be considered a mistake as they were “in the heat of battle.”
Other notes:

The alleged victim was allegedly dead at the time of the alleged incident.

One of those allegedly involved earned the Military Cross.