Saturday, July 25, 2009

FBINAA Conference 2009

SecurLinx is exhibiting at the the 45th Annual FBINAA National Training Conference in beautiful Louisville, KY. The event runs from July 25th - 29th, 2009 and provides FBI training to up-and-coming police officers from around the country.

We've enjoyed talking to some of the nation's most caring and dedicated law enforcement officials about how we can help them to protect and serve their communities using biometric technologies like AmberVision and FaceTrac.
If you're in the neighborhood, come see us at the conference.

The conference's exhibits will be open tomorrow, July 26, 2009 from
10 am to 3 pm.

Barry Hodge and Jim Connors at the FBINAA Conference, July25, 2009.

Friday, June 5, 2009

UPDATE: Positions Filled (thanks to all who responded).

SecurLinx is seeking applicants to fulfill part time Software Engineering positions to perform software development duties for MS Windows-based desktop and web products at its corporate headquarters in Morgantown, West Virginia.
We envision a transition to full-time employment as a distinct possibility.

The qualified applicant will be an innovative, self-directed individual who is able to not only revise existing code but also take written and verbal specifications to a finished product. The successful candidate will posses intermediate to advanced English speaking and reading skills, a good understanding of Visual Basic development techniques for both Windows and Web, familiarity with database development practice and theory and experience in iterative software development. The successful candidate will be provided desk space, a computer, and all required software tools to perform development tasks. Office space, task assignments, and technical management will be provided at the SecurLinx corporate headquarters in Morgantown West Virginia.

Candidates who have the required skills are encouraged to apply through hr(at)

Required Skills:
• Visual Studio 2005 / Visual Basic or C# .Net Framework v2.0
• Both MS Web and Windows Application development experience
• ASP.Net with VB code behind
• RDBMS experience, ODBC / ADO / SQL Client DB development,
• Familiarity with SQL queries utilizing joins and foreign / primary keys
• Familiarity with DB Design, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Table Indexes

Preferred Experience in:
• Designing and developing SQL Server 2000/2005 DB entities
• Data migration and analysis toolsets (i.e. Red Gate SQL Compare)
• Object Oriented Programming
• Familiarity with UML and Use Case analysis

Desired Additional Experience:
• Visual Studio 2008 / .Net Framework v3.0/3.5
• Mobile device development including Windows CE and Blackberry Operating Systems

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is fragmentation here to stay?

Researching for the above poll, I came across an article by Dean Bubly predicting that the OS wars will play out much differently in the handset world than they did in the desktop era. The last poll choice is the title of his article.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

WVBI Newsletter

The West Virginia Biometrics Initiative publishes a weekly survey of biometrics-related news from around the world. At the link, click newsletter and download the WVBI's weekly PDF, if you're interested.


We would like to solicit feedback related to a new product we're introducing this spring.

AmberVision is an Amber Alert pre-enrollment service. It allows parents to store the information about their children that an Amber Alert co-ordinator requires before issuing an alert. Moreover police officers using the AmberVision software can use their cell phone cameras to send a photo of a child taken in the field and recieve a facial-recognition analysis as to whether or not that child is the missing child.

We are interested in what you think about this service. More information is available at the web site (or click the logo below). Any feedback offered will be evaluated with an eye toward increasing the value AmberVision delivers to parents, guardians, students, educators and law enforcement professionals. We owe a debt of gratitude to many people for their continued support and encouragement.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to the SecurLinx Blog

It is our intent to use this forum to facilitate discussion related to biometrics and the biometrics industry.

is a company that offers patented solutions that store, process and share biometric template information specific to the challenges of law enforcement, gaming and the security industry.

Our products are based upon our patented middleware framework and have evolved out of our extensive experience in the biometrics field, our relationships with Biometric Service Providers and our work on behalf of the end users in law enforcement, the gaming industry and government security services. We consult closely with our clients in order to determine what type of system best meets critical business needs then we deliver the solution.

As such, we recognize that there is no "universal donor" in the biometrics world. Some solutions will utilize fingerprints. Some will utilize facial recognition. The needs of the user determine the appropriate biometric.

While we envision that this blog will offer SecurLinx another avenue to share our enthusiasm for all things biometric, we are committed to managing this site in the spirit of the honest broker in an exciting and fast-paced technological and commercial environment.