Thursday, December 15, 2011

Government Information Security: Q & A

Ilias Chantzos, Senior Director, Government Relations, EMEA & APJ, Symantec, discussed with Mehak Chawla the Indian government’s seriousness with regard to cyber security and how the era of multiple devices was changing the way that information needed to be protected.

These questions were formulated and answered from an Indian perspective but the issues under discussion have far broader applicability.

Here are the questions. The answers are at the link.

♦ What kind of threats does a government face when it comes to cyber security?

♦ In India, we are now seeing a trend towards mission critical activities such as the elections going online. How do we deal with the threat scenario in such cases?

♦ What’s the state of cyber security within the Indian government in terms of implementations?

♦ Is a comprehensive policy on cyber security emanating from the center, the need of the hour?

♦ It is the era of convergence and there are many devices accessing the networks of organizations. What are the risks associated with this and how do the governments deal with the same?