Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bangladesh Moves to Close Gaps in Law Enforcement Information-Sharing

Highly-sophisticated criminal database to facilitate law enforcement (The Daily Star)
Following the arrest of a person, law enforcers now would be able to know when, where and why the person was arrested earlier (if arrested earlier). Once launched, it would prevent arrested criminals, pretending to be innocent, from deceiving the law enforcers, he said.

Criminals, especially militants, use fake names and addresses, making the task for law enforcers -- to arrest and identify them -- very difficult. “Here, the database would work as a deterrent to the criminals,” he observed.

Earlier, Rab only kept fingerprints of arrested criminals for the Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

A total of 200 Rab personnel were trained by the experts of Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd to gather biometric information and other data. Those trained personnel are now working at all the 49 camps of total 12 Rab battalions across the country.