Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aviation Industry Researchers Predict Major Airport Overhauls Over the Next 15 Years

CAP Strategic Research predicts major overhaul of airports (ChannelNewsAsia.com)

CAP has compiled a "white paper" based on interviews with over 60 airlines worldwide, 25 major airports and 5,000 interviews with airline passengers.

It predicts that by 2025...

♦ Airports around the world will operate 24 hours a day.

♦ Check-in desks will be a thing of the past, replaced by online or self check-in kiosks at the airport.

♦ No check-in luggage either - aircraft would need to be redesigned to accommodate larger baggage compartments, or passengers will need to ship larger baggage.

♦ Some travellers will be able to bypass security checks under a "Trusted Traveller" category using a biometric security pass to access a special automated lane.

Faster, please.