Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biometrics fights against TB

H/T @m2sys

A non-profit organization is using the magic of Biometrics to fight the TB menace (
The biometrics attendance system is being used by this NGO in its bid to eradicate tuberculosis in the city which has about 217 per one lakh* people afflicted by the disease.

As part of this ‘Operation Asha’ fingerprinting data is collected from patients and even potential patients with the help of councilors and by collecting fingerprint data from the patients during each visit, counselors at the centers are able to deliver personalized care to ensure that anyone infected is staying on their entire course of medication until they are completely free from tuberculosis.
The creativity of the scientific community in applying biometric ID management techniques to some of the world's most vexing problems is truly amazing.

ID management is about people, after all. Humans have understood the technical aspects of killing Mycobacterium tuberculosis for decades. It's bridging the gap from the lab to populations that is the hard part.

*One lakh = 100,000