Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scientist: Nose the future of biometrics

The headline overstates the case made in the article, but the article provides a very useful handle when grappling with the difference between the scientific and business communities where biometrics is concerned.

Essentially, any durable part of the human anatomy may be used as a biometric input provided the user can reliably and repeatedly present the same anatomical feature to a sensor.

Society, and ultimately the scientists interested in biometrics, will only be well served through the successful commercialization the biometric technologies that are already reliable.

Commercial innovation leading to the adoption of modern identity management techniques is something that can improve our lives in the short-to-medium term by lowering the societal cost of identity theft and/or mistaken identity.

Figuring out how to turn a nose into a number?

One day this guy's reign of terror will end, but not before face- and finger-based identity management tools are ubiquitous.